Friday, August 05, 2016

Old Man and the Sea
 I have heard about this story of by Ernest Hemingway.  It has been spoken about as one of the master pieces or classics of literature. I had certain reservations in reading ‘master pieces’ or classics'. Mark Twain is reported to have said that Classic′ is a book which people praise and don't read.”   I have found some times that the so called classics boring.  However, it is not the reason for me for not reading 'Old Man And the Sea' earlier.  I could have started reading even if it is boring initially and continued if in the course of reading I find it interesting. I have so often noticed, seen and touched the copies of this story that I had almost come to a delusion that I had already read it.  Ultimately, I came across the story in a website and decided to read it, just out of curiosity. And it turned out to be actually a classic story.
 It is a very simple story of a common fisherman venturing out into sea for fishing. He had experienced ill luck in that he had not got a good catch for months.  He chooses to go alone for fishing in a small boat.  Even though, a boy who has great respect for this old man offers to accompany him, the old man chooses to go alone.   After waiting for hours, one fish is hooked and only after a long time he realizes that it is a big fish, bigger than the length of the boat he is sailing.  The struggle starts.  This struggle is primitive in the sense it is the test of strength between man and a fish and epic in the sense that it tires them both and almost both of them could have died.  But fortunately, the old fisherman kills the biggest fish he has caught, with the last ounce of his strength and somehow manages to reach the shore, fully exhausted and stays alive.  The story, seemingly simple, has a philosophical undertone, which is subtle.   

This is a simple story told in simple words.  Yes, it is a great story. A mini war of great importance.  I fully endorse the view that it is a classic worth reading. 

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