Tuesday, October 06, 2009

India as a superpower

There are a lot of people in India who belive that India has the power to be a superpower and that it will be a superpower if only this or that is done. While the desire to be more powerful than others in a given community is an animal desire that refuses to be civilized in human species, there are others more egalitarian in thought who desire that societies should be structured in such a way so as to ensure justice to all. Those who want India to be powerful fall into the former category. May be this has something to do with our own history of colonialism. Since we have suffered at the hands of imperialist power, we tend to absorb their policies and inflict the same kind of imperialism on others.
Even if India becomes a superpower what has that to do with the welfare of our population. Does not poor people living in the recognized superpowers suffer equally, if not more than the poor people, living in countries that are not superpowers?
For people who are really concerned about India, it is the lives of ordinary people that is most important point of referece for measuring the progress of the country. It does not matter whether India is a super power or not,but it does matter whether whole population of India is well fed, well read or not. Towers of excellence can be built on the sands of ignorance. But towers will not have the logivity. They are bound to fall because the foundations are not strong. Everyone knows this. Then, why the leaders make efforts to build those towers ?
IT is for enjoying the privileges without sharing the prosperity. Equality and fraternity are good slogans. These have to be repeated often for the sake of deceiving the public, for adhering to the political correcness in making these statements and for hiding their real intentions. In a society as structured as India, inequality is built into the system and everyone is contributing for its continuance. Communities change, areas of affluence change but the structure remains the same.
Obverse side of the dream of making India a superpower is that we are preparing for suppressing the rights of others. We want to plunder other countries economically. People will say that we have good intentions and after becoming superpower we will behave in a philanthropically. That is not realistic. Nations are populated by people who have different views on everything. As Thorou had said there is always need to protect the people from the state. In the name of becoming a superpower, people within the country will also be subjected to the atrocities by those who are in power. Like Hitler’s period in Germany. In the name of patriotism, independence of thought, action will be taken away. These will be subordinated to the single goal of becoming a superpower at whatever the cost. Like Srilanka in the recent times. In the name of taming the tigers, Sinhala population has been militarised , their independence taken away, rights suppressed. Therefore the dream of becoming a superpower is misplaced and dangerous. This is not to say that we should abandon our military. This is another extreme. This will be misinterpreted as if the intention is to abandon our defence capabilities..etc. But it will be a tactic for confusing the ordinary people. India should not be a superpower, it does not need to be a superpower. It should be a nation equal among other nations. Not more than equal.
Some people may say that this is pacifism in the hard fighting real world. If India tries to be a super power it will also end up like germany after the world war. It is better to be a normal country than to be a superpower.

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