Thursday, December 29, 2016

Theatres of Democracy by Shiv Visvanathan

                I came to know of the author in youtube where some of his lectures are available as video. He appealed to me as one of the ‘thinking’ people who have the moral courage and conviction to state truth to power.  Yes these were the times that such people are needed.  They may be few but  leaders are always few.
I liked most of his views.  His lectures gave me an idea and I was interested in reading his book in order to know him fully.  When I took this book and read, I was not disappointed.  While his approach and logic were of the highest level his views were more down to earth and commonsensical.  Perhaps common sense is what is missing in our intellectual arena.  His faith in secularism is infectious, his convictions are supported by empirical facts and his views are offered not as final but as a conversational points.  He is one of the most democratic of the intellectuals.
This book is a collection of essays he had written for the magazines or newspapers. I enjoyed reading his book. I recommend this book to everyone.  They can witness what is the power of intellect and be stirred by his views on Indian society.

I look forward to reading his books. 

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