Monday, October 10, 2016

The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman,
 John Perkins.

            This polemical book is written by a man who, he claims, had worked as an economic hitman.  His job, though in a private company, was to work on the agenda of National Security Agency of USA.  It was to make USA and its companies dominate the economic sphere throughout the world.  However, his was one of the frontal organizations who sell the dream of prosperity to the unsuspecting countries. He would speculate with necessary skills of statistics etc that the country would grow economically and these projections would be used to lure them into debs which look initially attractive.  The terms and conditions of the debt would ultimately lead to a situation when these countries surrender their freedom of economic activity and would held hostage by the Multi National Companies that invested. The countries and the companies would use loans by IMF and World Bank whose agenda is to make them bankrupt.

            Initially, the leaders of the target countries would be convinced by false speculation of growth so that they yield to the demands of these companies in the form of favorable agreements, concessions to simply loot the country in the name of development.  If the leaders were not convinced they would be bribed, or threatened or if necessary removed politically by scandals or removed physically if necessary.   This the author says is the standard practice adopted for economical enslavement of the countries. This is staged in such a way that most of the people in those countries did not realize as to what has happened or they knew it too late.  The author describes some of the aspects of his work in countries such as Indonesia, Ecuador, Panama, Iran etc.  His confessions are in conformity with the information that can be gathered by any reader who can read between the lines of the news spread by the media. 

            As for the reasons for writing this book, one is moral i.e.  that is he feels guilty of enabling such dirty work.  Second is that these multinational companies are not only ruining the countries of the world but also his own country, USA.   He states that people of the USA are paying heavy price in economic terms because of the unscrupulous activities of these companies.  Third, he says, these companies spoil the environment in the name of development which cannot be sustained in the long term.

            This book is a thrilling political report about the economic situation in the world.  All methods, fair and foul were employed by the hitmen  He also says that today’s Economic Hitmen are far more ruthless and they try to achieve their goals without any compunction, everything for personal wealth.

            For the beginners this book may be a stunning revelation.  But it is a warning that people should not be mislead by the slogans of economic development, progress, prosperity debt and repaying capacity in the dream of becoming rich.

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