Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Measure of a Man by Sydney Poitier

             Measure of a Man is an autobiography of Sydney Poitier.  He has honestly portrayed his life in the Caribbean and in USA where he went in search of livelihood. He had performed all kinds of work in trying to earn a decent livelihood.  He, in his native place was not used to the kinds of humiliation and insults a Black American suffered in USA at that point of time.  He courageously and with determination encounters the racism.  He never compromises his beliefs for money or livelihood. His honesty gives him enough to live on.  It is his honesty that fetches him the kind of roles he believes in. His roles normally reflects himself.  He rose to become the first black american to be awarded Oscar.  He had also been awarded lifetime achievement award by American Academy of Motion Pictures (which awards Oscars). 

            It is his conviction that a man should not compromise on his principles whatever the difficulties he might face. From a simple boy from a poor family in the Carribean, he had become a great actor. 

            I came to know of this book also through There was a video of Sydney Poitier participating in a group discussion about his book.  He appeared a honest person expression whatever he felt directly.  After reading the book this impression is confirmed. 

            In these cynical times, his autobiography came as a breath of fresh air. A good and honest Man, who has measured himself humbly.   

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